Trailco | Montracon Distributor @ Fleet Transport Awards Exhibition

Trailco are the Montracon distributor catering for all you trailer requirements. The models on exhibit are as follows:
Fridge trailer 
Montracon is the recognised leader in the development of the broadest range of high quality refrigerated and insulated trailers (Fridges) – from the standard single to the multi compartment/temperature – to handle all from farm collection of fresh produce to multi drop high street distribution.
For added fuel savings of up to 10% and more, Montracon offers the full FST (fuel saving trailer) package for new trailers. Alternatively, there is the option of fitting selected features drawn from the package either to new or existing trailers of any make. With an enviable reputation for performance, longevity and low whole life maintenance and operating cost, the range encompasses straight and step frame models plus single and double deck, the latter up to 4.9m overall, for operation at up to 44tonnes gtw. Popularly required ‘standard’ trailers are available, ex stock; a range of factory fitted options are available for fast factory fit and quick delivery; bespoke trailers are built to order.
All trailers have a five year chassis/body warranty.

Box Trailer 
Of all the European manufacturers, Montracon probably offers the most comprehensive range of any to ensure that its Box Vans meet the broadest and most diverse range of applications. Montracon Box vans are grp panelled and are supplied as either a single or step frame, the latter primarily for high cube operations. Trailers are mounted on either a single axle, or on tandem or triaxle bogies for operation at up to 44tonnes gtw, and beyond. In addition, Montracon offers a full range of aerodynamic options from the fully specified FST (fuel saving trailer) to the inclusion of specific, individual features offering reported fuel savings of up to 10% and more.
Thereafter, options are fine tuned to meet more exacting requirements and to maximise your operating flexibility and your fleet efficiency. Having been successfully tried and tested, Montracon’s vans are adaptable, strong, flexible and reliable. Designed for ease of loading/unloading they maximize usage while minimizing whole life costs. The sub-frames are all welded to resist side impact damage and optimum interior capacity is achieved through construction methods which retain inherent strength. Bearing the user in mind, Montracon’s many unique features make our GRP vans the operators’ first choice for quality that lasts.

Skeletals Trailer
Our range of standard fixed length skeletals that carry I.S.O containers is complemented by our rolling bogie skeletal trailer, designed to operate with the 13.6m container and 45’ American container in addition to the standard I.S.O boxes. So whether you operate with a 20’ or a 45’ container, you can load and offload at the rear while remaining within legal restrictions when in running condition. Our skeletals are manufactured to the highest standard, using only the highest quality materials at our factory in Mallusk, Newtownabbey. See below for our standard specification.
– Drum Brake (BPW/SAF)
– Jost Modul landing legs
– Full beam chassis
– LED marker lamps
– EBS braking
– Raise/lower valve